Rutland Herald feature 

This past winter, we lost three dear friends: Sandy Morse (of Woodchuck's Revenge), Burnie Martin (from Potluck) and Mike Lussen (formerly of Woods Tea Company). From all this grief came the song "Wild Woods." You can listen to our song and see a tribute to Sandy and Burnie at the Rutland Herald. See the link on our home page.

Moved to Barre 

A lot has happened lately! We now live in Barre Town, Vermont, closer to some of our growing family--including our fourth grandchild! We've got a couple of gigs scheduled up here. We're discovering lots of new hiking, meeting lots of new and interesting people, and looking forward to a summer of adventure in the heart of Vermont. (Did you know that Barre was once a hotbed of Socialist activity? Check out the Old Labor Hall, brought to you by the early Italian stone masons who settled here in Barre, VT in…

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Summer in the Country 

Hi, folks--long time no see! We've been busy writing and recording new songs, and we've got quite a list. With Larry working the music, and Beth penning words, we've got plenty of new material with lots of different tunes and topics to entertain the entire family. Catch us at one of our gigs this summer!

June? Really? 

Join us on the 4th of July at the Town Green in Manchester for some new (and old) tunes. Then pack up the tent, the kids, and all your Woodstock memorabilia for a trip to Plainfield, Vermont. We'll be at RhinoFest with some of Vermont's top bands, and a few from beyond the Green Mountains. (Check out the calendar for details.) Tin Penny has been busy doing what we love most--writing and arranging new tunes. Come check it out and tell us what you think.


2010 has already been a busy year for the Weltons. We wrapped up a trip to California and Vegas at the end of January, then packed Larry off for some carpal tunnel surgery the beginning of February. Those of you who know him won't be surprised to learn that he was playing guitar an hour after we got back from the hospital. (And I thought I was going to get a break!) We're working on new material, both original and other artists. Seeing the Beatle's "Love" in Vegas inspired us to add a couple of Beatle…

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Good, Clean Fun--and Cheap!! 

Tin Penny will be on the Town Green in Manchester on the 4th of July at 4:00. Manchester is reviving its traditional Independence Day celebration, which, if you are old enough and local enough to remember, was quite the rippin' party. Come down town for some old-fashioned fun, and bring the kids!

Summer Gigs 

Warmer days find us emerging from our long winter slumber to line up some summer engagements. We'll dip our toes in at the River Run in Plainfield in May, Radiobean in Burlington in June, LACE in Barre come July, and the grand finale: RhinoFest in Plainfield August 22. As the dates firm up, we'll add them to the calendar (with links, so you can check out the venues). We'd love to fill in the gaps, so if you have a suggestion, you know where to find us. Sing out!

New Open Mike 

We discovered a great new open mike at the Barn in Pawlet. The open mike is hosted alternately by some pretty talented local musicians (one of whom is old family friend Will Mosheim). If great music is not enough, we can assure you the food is fantastic, the cost is reasonable, and the staff is first class: friendly, efficient, and unflappable, even when they're super-busy (so don't let the full parking lot scare you away). Check it out: -Beth

Tin Penny on (Italian) Ice! 

Come hang with us at Al Ducci's famous Italian Pantry in Manchester Center. We're playing June 8, and with a little luck (meaning a good turnout), we'll play again--and again! Down home songs, down home food--what more can you ask? Check out Al Ducci's at Ciao!

Last Saturday at the B&C 

Well, we had a great time. We tried out some of our new stuff, including our new song "Peachy Keen" which is our first collaboration tune. We even brought an electric guitar this time and nobody threw anything. Some of our Wildwoods Music Co-op friends were there as well as some new folks. Hope we didn't scare them off! We have another B&C gig coming up in June, so if you didn't make this one, hope to see some of you there next time. Cheers, tp