From the recording My Life in Dogs


My Life in Dogs (Beth Welton, 2008)
The dog of my youth, this song is for her
We sometimes forgot she had four legs and fur
She made a great shortstop, she made a great bed
All that gross stuff that Mom fed us, she ate instead
I measure success in the wood that I stack
I measure my debt in the love I hold back
I measure tomorrows in unfinished songs
And I measure my life in dogs
Some ears were pointy, some ears flopped down
Some jacked up like pickups, some low to the ground
Long, short and curly, shaggy and punked
With a nose full of quills, all burdocks and skunk
All through my life, the dogs came and went
All the Frisbees I threw, all the money I spent
Some stayed for hours, some stayed for years
They all came with laughter, they all left with tears
This old dog and me, well I don’t know who’s worse
It’s kind of a race to see which one goes first
I do hope it’s him; I’m not being unkind
But I’ve had more practice as the one left behind